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Special Education

The Hill View Montessori Special Education Department works to ensure that students with disabilities have access to educational opportunities that enables them to achieve academically, socially, and emotionally in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). The Montessori Method naturally supports special-education students and special education services because it is an individualized, hands-on, multimodal approach to education.


Federal and state laws require that all special education students be educated in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). All students at Hill View have access to all general education lessons and programming with appropriate accommodations and assistance needed to be successful. This includes a multi-faceted approach of direct instruction for students designed to meet their individual needs to be successful within the presented curriculum.


The Special Education goals at Hill View include increasing the amount of instruction that special-education students receive with their general education peers. By moving towards educating students in the LRE, we intend to improve the performance of our special-education students within the curriculum, internal assessments, and statewide MCAS testing.


Translation and Interpretation


HVMCPS provides all parents/guardians not just of limited English proficiency, the opportunity to have documents translated and/or meetings interpreted into their native language by request. 


When a child enrolls at HVMCPS, parents/guardians are provided with a home language survey that indicates native language and includes the option to formally request translated documents. Translated home language surveys are also available during the enrollment process. Although the home language survey is the primary source for the indication of translation preference, parents can be added to the translation list at any point in the school year, upon request. Additionally, parents can be removed from the translation list pending written notification by the parent. 


Per State and Federal guidelines, schools must communicate information to limited English proficient parents in a language they can understand about any program, service, or activity that is called to the attention of parents who are proficient in English. 

This includes, but is not limited to, information related to: 

  • registration and enrollment in school and school programs

  • grievance procedures and notices of nondiscrimination

  • language assistance programs

  • parent handbooks 

  • report cards  

  • student discipline policies and procedures  

  • special education and related services, and meetings to discuss special education  

  • parent-teacher conferences 

  • requests for parent permission for student participation in school activities


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