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Our Admissions

Enrollment at Hill View is through a lottery process.  Children who are Massachusetts residents are eligible to attend HVM. Haverhill residents receive enrollment priority over students from other Massachusetts cities and towns.  Further, siblings of children currently attending HVM are given enrollment preference if they have participated in the school’s public lottery and a position is available.

A public enrollment lottery is held at least annually and determines each child's enrollment or wait list status.  A public, non-partisan member of the Haverhill community, such as a minister or local politician, presides over the lottery to draw the names. If space is available, students will be enrolled based on the order in which they are selected in the lottery.


Download ENROLLMENT form and fill in all the correct details!


Bring or send your form to the following address:


An email will be sent within 60 days with either placement or position on waiting list.

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